"Limit" is an easy to use free and open-source application to calculate mathematical limits with many features :
"Limit" runs on Maemo 4 (Nokia N800/N810, etc), Maemo 5 (Nokia N900) or any smartphone/tablet/computer where Python, SymPy and PyQt are available. Future versions will use PySide and QML.

SymPy is a computer algebra system (CAS) written in pure Python, it is free and open source project, see SymPy last version (0.7.1, July 2011) is available for Maemo 4 (Diablo) and Maemo 5 (Fremantle), see the SymPy thread in Talk

  Limit for Maemo 4 & 5
See also the "Limit" topic in Talk

Limit of rational expression
Limit of rational expression when x goes to plus infinity, on Nokia N900. It takes 8.8 s on Nokia N810. The calculation time on is shown in green, the non-calculated limit in blue and the result in black (with 8 zoom levels).
Definition of derivative in terms of limit
On Nokia N810, the definition of derivative of sin(x) using limit when delta goes to 0 is cos(x) as expected. On Nokia N900 it is faster : 3.0 s. Greek characters can be seen with the help of line completion editing of the expression, variable and point fields.
Limit equal to pi with 500 digits
The above limit result is pi, calculated using numerical approximation with 500 digits, on Nokia N900. The Nokia N810 runs in 3.9 s.
Limit from the left
Limit from the left which is minus infinity, on Nokia N810. The Nokia N900 runs in 0.02 s.
Menu of Limit
The menu of "Limit" on Nokia N900.
Settings for Limit
There are many settings for "Limit", here the default ones on Nokia N900. "Symplify terms" can take a long time for large results, when it is better to choose "None" or "Expand terms/all".

Limit v1.0.0 (23/10/2011) :
To-do list for v1.1 onwards :

Download, Install & Run

See also Integral and Derivative, very easy to use softwares to calculate mathematical integrals and derivatives.

Following softwares, all free and open-source, using Python&SymPy and Qt :

Author : Roberto Colistete Júnior (replace the " arroba " by "@")

Last updates : 23/11 (v1.0.0 for Maemo 5 is in extras), 23/10 (v1.0.0), 31/08 (v0.9.5 is compatible with SymPy v0.7.1), 05/08, 04/08, 03/08/2011. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
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