for mobile devices : Nokia N900 with Maemo 5 OS

PyGlet is a cross-platform windowing and multimedia Python library used in developing games and other visually-rich applications, because it give access to : OpenGL (2D & 3D graphics), text and image manipulation, keyboard and mouse events, playing multimedia formats, etc.

PyGlet is written in pure Python and has no external dependencies. But anyway, PyGlet uses OpenGL, and most mobile OS have only OpenGL ES implemented, so Android, iOS, Symbian, etc, don't run PyGlet.

Maemo 5 (Fremantle) OS, used by Nokia N900 smartphone, exceptionally has Mesa packages ('libglu1-mesa' and 'libgl1-mesa-swx11') so it is possible to run PyGlet ! But not all PyGlet examples work due to the differences between desktop OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and Maemo 5 OS (a mobile Linux) and the fact that PyGlet wasn't designed to run on mobile OS.

Maemo 4 (Diablo) and MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan OS don't have those Mesa packages, so they don't run PyGlet.

My motivations to have PyGlet on Maemo 5 OS are :

Screenshots of PyGlet on Nokia N900 (Maemo 5 OS)

PyGlet torus example
'' example from the 'examples' directory of PyGlet source-code, which runs a rotating torus in 3D space.
PyGlet imageviewer cat example
'' example from the 'examples/programming_guide' directory of PyGlet source-code.

Install & Run on Nokia N900
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Author : Roberto Colistete Júnior (replace the " arroba " by "@")

Last update : 03/02/2012.