A OPL program for rolling RPG dice

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RPGDice is a freeware and open source program for RPG rolling dice. It is currently written in OPL for Symbian 6.1/7.0s Series 60.
It is aimed to be used by RPG fans, but also to help the OPL community develop to Symbian Series 60 as its source code is available.

Description and InstructionsScreenshot animation of RPGDice on Nokia N-Gage
Current features of RPGDice (v0.20):
How to install and run : Read the 4 KB ReadMe.txt for additional documentation.


Source code and OPL development

The OPL source code is included in the RPGDice zip file to help OPL developers to create Series 60 applications by taking RPGDice as another source code example.

The RPGDice OPL source file has 341 lines with comments and 8.48 KB ("RPGDice_opl.txt" in plain text format). The RPGDice OPL include file has 65 lines with comments and 1.85 KB ("RPGDice_oph.txt" in plain text format).

To learn OPL and develop for EPOC and Symbian smartphones, I suggest to take a look at my OPL Wizard web page and its recommendations.

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