Date: 10th October 2006


Welcome to Smuggers version 2.00

Welcome to Smuggers, a quality application from Roberto Colistete Jr. and

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Smuggers is a full-featured freeware arcade game for EPOC/Symbian OS.

Try to escape from the Smuggers monsters and to catch the Spider, walking and jumping in many different mazes. Are you skilful enough?

Smuggers is available on EPOC OS : Psion Series 5, GeoFox One, Oregon Osaris, Psion Series 5mx, Ericsson MC218, Psion Revo/Revo+, Diamond Mako, Psion Series 7 and netBook. On Symbian OS : Nokia Communicator 9210, 9210i, 9290, 9500, 9300 and 9300i.


Smuggers was initially created to the ZX-81 family (16 KB, b&w, cassete player, TV screen) in 1985, by José Eduardo Mendonça Xavier and Theodoro de Molina, from Vitória, ES, Brazil.

It was further implemented to the ZX-Spectrum family (48 KB, colour, cassete player, TV screen) in 1988, by José Eduardo Mendonça Xavier and Roberto Colistete Jr., also from Vitória, ES, Brazil.

In those times, without Internet being popular, it was difficult to promote Smuggers in Brazil.

So, the Symbian OS version of Smuggers is a homage to these three formely teenagers whose imagination and programming skills originated the Smuggers game.

Last but not least, Smuggers is in debt to Sir Clive Sinclair !

Quick starting

Choose the preferred control keys by pressing "Shift+Ctrl+C", or selecting "Tools | Game keys > Change keys...".

Choose "New game".

You can walk in four directions and jump narrow walls of the maze. You will lose one life if you jump to a position with a wall.

Avoid the Smuggers Monsters while eating the points, or else you be killed.

You can lose jumps while touching the Spider.

But after eating 80% to 90% of the points, the Spider will start blinking. You have 10 seconds, visible in the countdown timer, to catch the Spider and pass to another level and maze. Or, the same level and maze will restart.

Playing Smuggers

You are Friend, i.e., you ! and live in a world of challenging mazes, of many different types. The joy of your life is your freedom to walk anywhere, and the curiosity to discover new mazes.

But you have four enemies, the Smuggers Monsters, they are elephant mutants The bad guy : elephant mutant. that dislike your lifestyle. They always try to find, catch and kill you, so preventing the discovery of new mazes.

Of course, you are smarter and more agile ! You can jump walls of the maze, well, the narrow ones... Beware that this magic gift is limited in number.

There is also the Spider The spider, a strange creature with two opposite behaviours. If the Spider touches you, you will lose some jumps... maybe the Spider is envious of your magic jumps.

Despite this envy, the Spider is a good friend, forcing you to know the maze and eat almost all of the points. Then the Spider starts blinking during 10 magic seconds, when you must catch it to pass to another maze and win some bonus.

Prove to the Smuggers that you are free, curious and smart enough to discover an unknown world of mazes !

How to start

To start the Smuggers game, there are two options, available in the menu "Game" or in the CBA:

·       "New game Ctrl+N" starts the game from the 1st maze, and the further ones come in sequence. But if the "Tools | Preferences... | Maze Sequence" option is set as “Random”, then the first and next mazes will be randomly chosen.

·       "Jump to maze... Ctrl+J" starts the game from specified maze, and the further ones come in sequence.


The control keys can be redefined, even during the game. Feel free to choose them, see "Game keys".

Use the Up, Down, Right and Left controls to move. These directional controls can be pressed at the same time, for example Up and Right can be used to easily follow stairs-shaped paths.

With the Jump control you can jump narrow walls of the maze. The current direction being pressed or the last direction of movement is used as the jump direction.

The Jump to Life control just exchanges 10 jumps for one extra life. So a clever use of jumps is advised when playing Smuggers, allowing to win extra lives when needed.

How to abort

You can obviously pause the Smuggers game by pressing "Menu", or switching to another application.

·       "Lose life Ctrl+L" causes you to lose one life. There are situations when this is the only option, for example, having no jumps to catch the Spider hidden in a closed region of the maze.

·       "Abort game Ctrl+X" really cancels the game, even for two players. Then the screen with high scores table is shown.

·       "Close Ctrl+E" immediately closes the Smuggers application.


Press the "Prefs" CBA button, or type “Ctrl+K", or choose the menu option "Tools | Preferences...".

·       Sound settings” can be Off, or on by setting the volume as Quiet, Medium or Loud. It is Medium by default.

·       Number of players” switches or not to the two player mode, excellent for a competition with another Smuggers enthusiast. Using this mode, after each death, the another player begins, until all lives are lost.

·       Game difficulty” controls the speed of the Monsters and Spider, with six options : “Always Easy”, “Easy”, “Always Medium”, “Medium”, “Always Hard” or “Hard”. For “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”, after 5 completed levels their speed increase a little bit. “Medium” and “Hard” are equivalent to “Easy” in the 11th and 21st levels, respectively. “Always Easy”,  “Always Medium” and “Always Hard” set the speed of the Monters and Spider, which will remain constant during the game.

·       Maze sequence” is an option used by "New game". With "1..." the mazes will follow in sequence starting from the first maze. With “Random” the sequence of mazes will be totally random. For two players, the same random sequence is used.

Game keys...

Choose the menu option "Tools | Game keys >" or the shortcuts listed below.

The Smuggers game keys can be chosen at any time, before or after starting a game.

·       Show keys... Shift+Ctrl+S” allows to see the current control keys of the game.

·       Change keys... Shift+Ctrl+C” can be used to change all control keys, and only the "Menu", “Esc” and “Help” keys are not valid. Beware of using "Ctrl" to avoid conflict with the menu shortcuts.

·       Use default keys... Shift+Ctrl+D” shows the default set of control keys and asks for confirmation to use them.


Each eaten point gives 5 score points.

If you pass to another Smuggers level, you gain a bonus of 6 jumps and score points. More exactly, 300 × time remaining (in seconds) when the blinking Spider was caught.

Even if you don't have success catching the blinking Spider, then a bonus of 3 jumps is awarded to you and the same maze restarted.

High scores

For each difficulty level of the Smuggersgame, “Always Easy”, “Easy”, “Always Medium”, “Medium”, “Always Hard” or “Hard” (see the topic "Preferences..."), there is a high scores table.

The current high scores table is always shown before starting the game.

If you beat some high score of the current difficult level, them a prompt is shown asking for your name. The date, time, level and score points are displayed.

Are you good enough to beat the default high scores table ?


You can compete to have your high scores published in the Smuggers site,

The menu option "File | Email high scores" starts an email with almost all the fields already filled, just type “Smuggers hi-scores” as the subject field. Your “Smuggers.ini” is attached because it contains the high scores needed to validate your high score.

The competion does not have any prizes, just the best scores for each one of the 6 difficulty levels are monthly updated. Visit the Smuggers site,, and try to beat the high scores !

Hints & Tips

Use the jumps only when necessary. 10 jumps can be converted for one life, so it is wise to save them to avoid the end of the game. Preserve at least a handful number of jumps because there are many mazes where it is impossible to avoid using jumps.

Try to not be seen by any Smuggers Monster, because the Monster will warn the others about your position (with the roar of an elephant) and it will be harder to escape them.

The Monster hears your steps when you are close to him and he is guided towards you even if you are not visible. So, you can stop while hoping that the Monster loses your track.

Use the intelligent reading of the directional keys as an advantage.

Ortogonal directional keys can be combined. For example, Down and Right controls keys to follow a stairs-type path.

You can also press a "turn" key before a corner. For example, press the Up control key and release it when this direction is blocked, but when the corner is reached you will move upwards as if the key was being pressed.

If a Monster is closely chasing you, with almost the same speed, you can force him to lose speed by turning many times.

Contacting the author

Roberto Colistete Jr.

You can send comments, questions and bug reports about Smuggers to the author by

Email : Roberto.Symbian arroba (replace the " arroba " by "@")


About Smuggers

Smuggers version 2.00 for EPOC/Symbian OS v3-7.

Copyright © 2001-2006 Roberto Colistete Jr. and Pocket IQ.

Smuggers is a freeware software. It is supplied as is and comes with no warranty. The author accepts no liability for any data that may be lost using this program.


Many thanks to Adolfo Bittencourt for the artistic drawings using full colour on the Series 7/netBook and Nokia 9200 Series Communicator machines.

I would like to thank Peter Csutora and David Steer of Pocket IQ, with their valuable help to making Smuggers a popular game.

About the Nokia 9200 Series version, many thanks to Phil Spencer and the OPL Dev team, for porting OPL to Symbian OS v6-7 and being available to answer questions from the programmers. Thanks to Dazler of the AllAboutSymbian site for testing the beta versions. Special thanks to Ewan Spence (FreEPOC, AllAboutSymbian, etc) for his effort to promote OPL on Symbian devices.

Also many thanks to the Nokia Product Loan Program for giving me the chance to use a Nokia 9290 for testing and improving Smuggers.

I sincerely thank everybody who registered Smuggers when it was shareware (before version 2.00).

And thanks to all the users who keep enjoying Smuggers, send comments, suggestions, etc.