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I enjoy using and programming Epoc & Symbian machines, if possible both : programming in OPL on my Nokia 9500. I currently have a Psion Revo+Nokia 9500 and Nokia N-Gage.

I have started with a Psion Siena 1 MB in 2000 (a little bit late, I know...), then a Psion Revo+ in 2001 that allowed me to release my first OPL software, Smuggers, initially as shareware. A Nokia 9290 from the Nokia Product Loan Program (thanks, Nokia !) in 2003 helped me to improve the Crystal version of Smuggers. A classic Nokia 7650 was my first Series 60 phone in the beginning of 2004, with a N-Gage in the end of 2004. In August 2005 I bought a Nokia 9500 but I have not much time until now, in 2006, to come back to OPL and C++ programming for EPOC and Symbian.

Look at my (portuguese) presentation in the Encasoft 1.2 (Encontro Capixaba de Software Livre - Capixaba Meeting of Free Software, where "capixaba" is the person from Espírito Santo, Brazil), CEFET-Colatina, 21/10/2006. It was titled "Symbian e Programação em Smartphones" ("Symbian and Programming on Smartphones"). (25/10/2006)

My Epoc & Symbian projects

Here is the list of softwares that I have developed or contributed for. I enjoy programming on Epoc and Symbian OS as a hobby, mainly in OPL but also in C++.

SmuggersSmuggers is a freeware fast paced and addictive game. You are in a world of 50 challenging mazes, with 4 enemies, the Smuggers elephant mutants, and a strange spider. It is written in OPL (nOPL+ indeed) starting from late 2001. ( Epoc32 / Series80v1 / Series80v2 )  (16/10/2006)

OPL WizardRPGDice  is a freeware and open source OPL program for rolling RPG dice. It is aimed to be used by RPG fans, but also to help the OPL community develop to Symbian Series 60 as its source code is available.  It is my first OPL program for Series 60. ( Series 60 )  (28/09/2006)

OPL WizardOPL Wizard  is a freeware tool for OPL programming. It is aimed to help the OPL community develop to Epoc and Symbian OS. OPL Wizard comprises statistics tools and aiding tools to convert OPL code from Epoc32 to Symbian OS 6/7. It has been written in OPL since middle of 2003. Series80v1 / UIQ )  (21/03/2004)

Yacas for EpocYacas (Yet Another Computer Algebra System) is a freeware and open-source (GPL) C++ software project where I just collaborate to the Epoc version (and Symbian OS in the future, I hope). It is an easy to use, general purpose Computer Algebra System, a program for symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions, with its own programming language designed for symbolic as well as arbitrary-precision numerical computations. ( Epoc32 )  (22/03/2004)

Epoc32 = Epoc 3-5 machines (Psion Series 5, GeoFox One, Osaris, Series 5mx, Revo, Series 7, netBook, etc.)
Series 60 = Symbian OS 6.1/7.0s Series 60 (Nokia 7650, 3650, N-Gage, 6600, Siemens SX-1, etc)
Series80v1 = Nokia 9210, 9210i and 9290 Series Communicator (Symbian OS 6.0 with Crystal or Series 80 v1.0 interface)
Series80v2 = Nokia 9500, 9300 and 9300i Series Communicators (Symbian OS 7.0s with Series 80 v2.0 interface)
UIQ = Symbian OS 7 with UIQ user interface (Sony Ericsson P800/P900, Motorola A920/925, etc)

See my OPL Wiki page for more details about future projects and ideas.

I currently use a PC, Psion Revo+, Nokia 9500 and Nokia N-Gage to develop softwares for Epoc and Symbian OS.

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